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6th Gr Tech Ed

Page history last edited by Estell Chambers 10 years, 1 month ago

Syllabus for 6th Grade Tech Ed:  Aug. 2010 thru June 2011


Instructor:  Ms. Chambers, Lib. Media Specialist & GT Facilitator  --  410-887-1382 or echambers@bcps.org

From AIM ---Subject Area  : Technology Education -  Course : MS6 TECH ED 1-COMMUNICATIONS (5506300) 



Course Objective:  SWBAT successfully navigate technology tools and Web 2.0 applications in order to research, communicate¸ and produce appropriate media.

(The sequence of units may be changed in order to align with CORE subjects.  Students will gain competency in all the major Microsoft applications, along with other technologies.)


Unit I---Aug.- Sept.:  What is library media communications?


Unit II:  Oct.:         What does it mean to be a high potential or gifted and talented learner?


Unit III:  Nov.:       What are some of the careers in technology and media? (9 CORE technologies)


Unit IV:  Dec.:       How has media and communications impacted philanthropy?


Unit V:  Jan.:         What do inventors create?


Unit VI:  Feb.:       What do etymologists do?


Unit VII:  March:   What do scientists do?


Unit VIII:  April:    What does effective communication mean?


Unit IX:  May:       What are technological systems and how are they impacting 21st century cultures?


Unit X:  June:        Final projects on technology use(s) are due.



Rules of the Road

  1. Students enter the LMC quietly, take their assigned seat, log-in to the computer, and begin their DRILL--which is practice on “All the Right Type”.  Graded keyboarding tests are given twice monthly.


    2.   All class work is saved online in the student drive (“L” Drive folder) and in each student’s “MY DOCUMENTS” folder.

          Because of the importance of appropriate saving of info, grades will be lowered if the DUAL saves are not done.


    3.    Students do not leave their computer seats without permission.


    4.    Students do not go to web sites other than what the class in working on.  Surfing to any other site is considered an “inappropriate action," and will result in an  

           automatic “0” grade for that day.  Repeated offenses will result in calls home, removal from computers, and lower grades.


    5.    Students should check their “L” drive folder each day for their assignments for the day, and then SAVE their work in both folders.


    6.    Students are expected to check out and read at least ten (10) library books of a minimum of 100 pages each school year.



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