Advanced Academics Program at WMS

The Advanced Academics Program

at Woodlawn Middle School supports the belief that:

"To whom much is given, much is expected"


Advanced Academics Facilitator:  Ms. Chambers: --  410-887-1382


From the BCPS Office of Advanced Academics:


"Baltimore County Public Schools' Blueprint 2.0: Our Way Forward outlines a vision for creating a culture of deliberate excellence for every student. 

The Office of Advanced Academics contributes to this system expectation through its commitment to all students who have the capability, potential,

or motivation to access responsive, rigorous, and relevant curriculum  and instruction. The Office of Advanced Academics provides vision,

leadership, professional development, and advocacy. Additionally, the office engages in research to improve the quality of instruction for all learners. 

The Office of Advanced Academics collaborates with content area offices regarding the development, implementation, and enhancement

of curricular and instructional experiences that support students who perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably

high levels of accomplishment.  By nurturing potential through responsive, challenging, and respectful learning experiences,

the Office of Advanced Academics supports BCPS' goal of preparing students to be globally competitive graduates."  


Schedule of Procedures:


           ---  Hebbville Elementary -- 

          ---  Featherbed Lane Elementary Schools --- 

          --- Woodmoor Elementary School --- 

         --- Powhattan Elementary School --- 


                                           Woodlawn Middle GT Teacher Roster 2017-2018


GT Subject        6th  Grade GT Teacher 7th Grade GT Teacher  8th Grade GT Teacher 
Math  Ms. Balbedina  Ms. Balbedina  Ms. Balbedina 
Language Arts Ms. White Ms. Huber  Mr. Donahue
Science  Mr. Wafle  Ms. Weyent Ms. 
Social Studies  Ms. Longstreet  Ms. Fisher  Ms. Hossbach 



Resources to keep us informed:


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3.     Parent Guardian Checklist for GT Behaviors 


4.     The Gifted Development Center---online


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