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Inaje' Watson Book Album Page:

Page history last edited by Inaje' Watson 8 years, 9 months ago

Inaje' Watson Book Album Page:



My favorite book---

      Title: Lord of the rings the fellowship


     Author:  John Ronald Reuel 


      Published in1987


      Comment: see voki below


My favorite author: J.r.R. Tolkien


                 Things you should know about my favorite author: Tolkien is very creative and does things from his mind. Also he is open minded about opinions from all of his fans. He has done movies books and many other things to make other people happy because of his work.  



My Book Review #1 (add a Voki):


click Here to see my voki on  




My Book Review #2 (add a Voki):







Books I want to read this year:  

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