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Chinese Syllabus

Page history last edited by Katrina Rigby 8 years, 11 months ago

Woodlawn Middle School

Chinese 1, Grade 7


Teacher: Ms. Rigby Email Address:krigby@bcps.org

Department Chair: Email Address:


The primary textbook used for this course is, Learn Chinese With Me. However, the textbook is not rigidly followed and other supplementary texts will be used.

Course Overview:

The Chinese 1 program is an introductory course for students to grasp beginner language skills in Mandarin. This program will cover the Chinese language, history and culture. The content contains:

  • Unit 1: Introductions (Greetings, farewells, pronunciation, character strokes and more)

  • Unit 2: My Friends and Me

  • Unit 3: My Family Tree

  • Unit 4: Time and Activities

  • Unit 5: Food and Holidays

  • Unit 6: Weather and Clothing

Materials:This course requires the extra material of:

-Chinese-English Dictionary

-4 Dividers labeled: Homework, Classwork, Drills and Vocabulary I do not require students to have a separate Chinese binder, but the binder in which the dividers will be placed should be large, because the students will receive a lot of handouts throughout the school year. I also expect students to be prepared everyday with such necessities like pencils, pens, extra.

Grading Policy:

Classwork: 50%

Assessments (Tests and Quizzes): 25%

Homework: 15%

Participation: 10%

Homework/Make-up Policy:

Your child will have homework consistently. Please note that all work is due on the date assigned. Late work will be accepted but for 20% off the grade received, unless a student is absent or has an extreme circumstance. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, the student is responsible for turning in the assignment on the day he/she returns. Make-up work- Students who are absent will the corresponding number of days absent to make-up work missed. For example, if the student missed two days, he/she has two days to make up the work missed. All work will be available for students in the appropriate folder that corresponds to the specific day he/she was absent.


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